Lloyds Banking Group staff are represented by an independent trade union committed to protecting their interests and their interests alone. LTU is not affiliated to the TUC or any political party and we are free to determine and pursue the best policies for Lloyds Banking Group staff.

LTU represents members in Lloyds, Scottish Widows, Halifax, BOS and the other companies within the Lloyds Banking Group.


Critical Advice on Flexible Resourcing

20 Feb 2017

When the Judge who ruled in our favour on the ‘Non-Signer’ Employment Tribunal case gave his Judgement, he drew attention to an extract from a report given to Lloyds Bank’s GEC in 2009, just before the Bank began the process of harmonisation of contracts across Lloyds Banking Group. The report said:

“The recession, on top of integration, means that colleagues will be most concerned about staying in employment and potentially less concerned than normal about the employment proposition.”

In other words, because people are worried about job security given the merger and recession, we’ll get away with forcing through contract and other changes that ordinarily staff wouldn’t accept.

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